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Ok Corgi fans, here ya go! This little nugget is Bella, and she is an 11 month old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. She was going to be put down because she did not get along with a young child and was said to be untrainable — but in a few short days, her foster mom has crate trained her, taught her to walk on a leash, and taught her to give up toys when asked, so she just needs the right teacher and she will be an awesome companion! She is working hard now on food guarding issues, so she’s still a work in progress. She can be a bit over the top for some dogs, so making the right dog match will be important. Her perfect home would be a fenced yard and an active home without children, and a playmate that “gets” her who can help her burn off some energy.

white-paw-print-hi (1).png
white-paw-print-hi (1).png
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