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After being hit by a car, Penelope went through extensive physical therapy and treatment and is now rolling around like any other pup! She still loves to herd, just like before and is the epitome of perseverance. 

This adorable guy is a very smart deaf pup! He is sweet and loving and seems to know his job when it comes to education and awareness of Double Merles!



This pup came to us last summer as a 13 year old left at a shelter by his owner when she moved and couldn't take him with her. This old guy is really young at heart, though. He walks around like he rules the house at Pawsavers. And he always seems to get the prime dog bed for himself, whether it's downstairs on the couch, or upstairs in our bedroom -- not sure how he always manages that!

This is Pawsavers Little Mermaid. She was found last summer floating half-drowned in a pond in Texas. Ariel's eyes were swollen, and we feared glaucoma, but we were hopeful her near drowning was the cause of the swelling and her blindness, and hopeful both would be temporary. Unfortunately, her blindness was not new, but an autoimmune condition she had been living with for quite a while, so she will not recover any of her sight. But on the plus side, she does not let her blindness stop her from enjoying her life!


This sweet soul had been through so much. She was found starving, blind and frightened, sitting in the freeway, and scheduled to be euthanized. Now she is going though acupuncture to help with her stiff muscles, has battled vestibular, and her coat is growing in thick! She greets us happily at the door and her tail is constantly wagging.  


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