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Just look at this beautiful guy! Sometimes we have dogs who are not special needs, and this boy is one of our “normal” dogs ❤️ Dodo is a 2 year old male Siberian husky. He is about 60 lbs, with a really sweet temperament. He craves constant attention and love, loves food, loves being petted. He gets along really well with other dogs, preferably another medium to large dog as he is very playful and can get rambunctious. He can be timid and get scared easily, as he was an adopted dog from another individual who did not take care of him very well and mistreated him. Best dog in the world for a family, ideal for a family with older kids, large backyard, home etc. He’s gentle big bear. He is a husky so he is high maintenance when it comes to shedding and brushing. He’s very vocal and playful. He needs to be placed in a loving home because this good boy deserves the best

white-paw-print-hi (1).png
white-paw-print-hi (1).png
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